victoria's harbour

Victoria's Harbour
The Unity Wall Mural
Ogden Point Master Plan

Victoria's Harbour

Victoria Harbour, gateway to British Columbia and Canada, is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. The harbour has a long history, starting with its use by First Nations.

Recreational vessels and small cruise ships can moor in the centre of this famous heritage city, just steps from its historic streets and distinctive architecture. During the summer months, the harbour is the focus of festivals, shows and music.

The Port of Victoria, although a major tourist attraction, remains a working harbour with a rich mixture of activities. The harbour serves the cruise ship industry, whale watching and ecotourism, ship repairing facilities, a float plane aerodrome, marine industrial uses, an International Ferry terminal with connections to Port Angeles, Bellingham and Seattle, and a water taxi service.

Harbour Jurisdiction

Victoria Harbour waters and water traffic are administered and regulated by Transport Canada. The harbour seabed is also controlled by Transport Canada, as far inland as the Selkirk Trestle.

Air traffic into the harbour, including helicopters and seaplanes, is regulated by Nav Canada.

Waterfront lands and water lots are owned by a variety of agencies and private owners. Click the image below to view a map showing the owners of various harbour properties.

2014 Harbour Properties Map

Victoria's Spectacular Inner Harbour

Ever since Captain James Cook first explored Vancouver Island in 1778, Victoria Harbour has been a majestic and breath-taking backdrop for ships and boats to moore. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is home to one of the world’s few natural harbours and is now a popular destination for visitors who love the lively ambience and authenticity of the West Coast.

Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) operates a deep-sea terminal at Ogden Point, a mixed-use facility at Fisherman's Wharf and marinas at Causeway/Ship Point, Wharf Street, Johnson Street and Mermaid Wharf.