Causeway & Ship Point


The Causeway and Ship Point marinas are located in Victoria's city centre, close to the provincial legislature, the famous Empress Hotel and the Royal BC Museum.

Causeway hosts pleasure vessels year-round. Victoria's historic downtown, summer festivals, artists, buskers and crafters are only a few steps away.

Ship Point is GVHA's luxury yacht and large vessel facility. Ship Point offers slips that can accommodate vessels from 58 up to 250 feet. The Causeway offers moorage to vessels 57’ and under and has over 2500’ of lineal moorage space.

A float at the south end of Ship Point and a crescent float along the Lower Causeway are used as Green Line and Yellow Line areas for some commercial and pleasure vessels to pick up and drop off passengers. Canadian Fishing Vessels are not permitted to berth at Causeway or Ship Point. Potable water is available on the pier and floats, and 30amp electricity is available.

Areas at this facility are sometimes reserved for special events, pocket cruise ships and larger pleasure yachts.

There is no vehicle access, unless permission is obtained in advance from the Operations Manager. Alternate locations for loading vessels are located at Ogden Point, Fisherman’s Wharf and the Wharf Street marina.

Facility Map

360° Panoramic View